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🕮 Author's Note🕮
  For starters, I'm going to admit that this post will be very lengthy.     I'll be dealing with the Person of Christ from a Christian perspective as well as the Watchtower  view.      Will the two be compatible?

    I have heard JW's refer to themselves as Christians and yet, in the 4th chapter of  "What Does the Bible Really Teach?" /"What the Bible can Teach Us?"  Jesus is reduced to the status of a creation.  

  All of that said, THE question becomes ;  WHY would JEHOVAH ;  GOD ALMIGHTY need a CREATED being to help Him do ANYTHING?!  🤷
In the  upcoming chapter, I will attempt to answer some more  common puzzlements faced by anyone participating in a 'Bible Study' with a Jehovah's Witness.

   Once believing that John 20:28, 29 was the SLAM DUNK verse that would settle the issue once and for all, I've come to the hard conclusion that even the most obvious verses, to Biblical Christians,  are NOT obvious to people, whose publications deny the very ONE  (Christ) the BIBLE affirms.

   We are dealing with two contradicting forces here, which rank-and-file Jehovah's Witnesses are not aware of.  They are told that their publications uphold and explain scripture and so they trustingly go along with what they are told.  However, such trust is not simple naivete.  In fact,  JW's trust their leadership because NOT to trust the WT hierarchy could  result in serious (TRAGIC) consequences.

    Those who question WT doctrine could find themselves, at the very least, 'marked'  as those who cause division (Romans 16:17, 18) .  At the worst, full-out disfellowshipped, where no one in their congregation would be permitted to speak to them.  Even worse, if they don't live in the family home, even JW parents and siblings would be forced to shun the DF'd Witness family member.  Friends since childhood would walk by without so much as a word.
   So choosing to question Watchtower doctrine is a HUGE life-changer.  In too many cases, it's a life-ENDER.


Chapter 1
February 20, 2017

    As I write this, I'm almost as befuddled as I am excited.
    On one hand, Watchtower doctrine  {esp. where Christ is concerned} utterly confuses me.  I have read WT publications that say  Jesus is the archangel Micheal.  But then he is (as the New World Translation  Bible insists in their John 1:1) a god.

 Question:  WHICH  IS  IT?!?!  Seriously!    According to Hebrews 1:14 angels are ministering spirits, sent to render service to those who will inherit salvation.   To read  Acts 4:12 one would very likely interpret that verse to mean that  Salvation is in Christ.  On top of which, angels have NO CREATIVE ABILITIES.   As well,  Hebrews 1: 4,   in  a commonly used Bible, says that Jesus is BETTER than the angels .  So how can Jesus be an angel and yet BETTER THAN the angels?

Would THIS be a fair illustration
of how JW's see Jesus and His
Onto the subject of  WT's John 1:1 . By this view, Jesus is a god.  This problem is two-fold, if you apply 1 Chronicles 16:26  It says that all the gods of the nations/peoples are idols but the LORD made the heavens.

     Again, which is it?  Is the Word/Jesus a worthless god in keeping with the NWT John 1:1 translation?  OR, in keeping with that same verse, is the WORD/JESUS indeed God, manifest in the flesh (1 Tim 3:16 ~KJV)  .  After all,  Jeremiah 32:17 says that NOTHING is too difficult for God!  
   Isaiah 44:24  records that God created 'ALONE'  and 'By Myself'  (Who was with Me?~Isaiah 44:24 NWT) .  Excellent question!  Because JW doctrine contradicts this very verse.  In paragraph 1 of chapter 4 (Good News from God) insists that Jesus/Word helped in creation.  Sadly, JW's don't even believe their own Bible.  How can God have done something alone and all by Himself and yet, be in need a created being to help Him create?  Moreover, WHY would JEHOVAH,  God Almighty even require the assistance of a created being? Jeremiah 32:17?

   I mentioned, at the very beginning of the chapter, that I was as excited as I was befuddled.  The excitement comes from the decision to take this whole 'study' as a research project for myself, rather than even attempt to convince an indoctrinated JW's  of anything.  At the end of the day, all any Christian can do is share what God puts on our hearts and minds to say.  How people respond to what is said is their choice.  This isn't about winning arguments but rescuing people from the condemnation that comes from denying their only hope of salvation.  {John 14:6,  Acts 4:11, 12, 1 John 5):10-13} .

   I apologize for any repetition in this chapter, but sometimes it helps to repeat points that need to be emphasized.  Hopefully that habit won't become monotonous, but I make no promises.

Behold I stand at the
door and knock;  if anyone
hear my voice and opens the door
I will come to him and sup with him
and he with Me.
~Revelation 3:20
[Warner Salman's
   Now, I have to finish studying the rest of the chapter (4) so I have questions the next time my friends and I meet.  Once the chapter is finished, I'll add the rest of my study notes to this page.  Here's to praying that this site is visited and read by those who need to see it!


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