Friday, 13 November 2015

THANK YOU!!!! A Note of Appreciation to J.W. Pioneers for encouraging my BIBLE Study

    In the last little while, I've been involved in a Bible study with the specific purpose of  learning what the Bible teaches in connection or contradiction with Watchtower publications I willingly received during and after my cancer surgery recovery.

What IS the World Coming to?
   At this point, I was getting used to my 'down time'  already and using my time more constructively, what with the weather warming up.  And I'm pretty sure Jehovah's Witnesses were out before the leaves.   Anywho,  I would talk to the people who would put up a stand across the street from me, at the park, and accept the magazine I was offered.   From there, I began the process of comparing what the Watchtower publication would say about a specific theological aspect by what the Bible had to say.
    The Awake magazines were more....socially minded, in terms of daily living. Proper use of money,  The economic situation, world conditions. No arguments there.  But I'd heard of the teachings of  Jehovah's Witnesses on CRUCIAL theological points.  (Deity of Christ being front and center)  so I wanted to be sure rather than taking second hand info as 'gospel'.  In the process of checking out that info, I discovered that I was putting more time into BIBLE study.  (2 Tim 2:15) .

   Sadly, too few Christians, (myself included) don't make time for THE MOST important meal of the day; the MEAT of the Word of God. It is to that end, that I DO have to THANK the Watchtower people, who have, whether they knew it or not, gave me a much needed kick in the pants.  I was PROVOKED to check out what the BIBLE said. Comparing one source with the other.  The Bereans were commended for their studious approach to the Scriptures. No matter who they were talking to, they examined what anyone said by the scriptures.  The Bible is our FIRST SOURCE. No matter who you trust or think you can trust, it is ALWAYS a good habit to  'double check' what you hear from the chief source.   Don't just take someone's word for a doctrine.  Particularly if they tell you,  "What WE are teaching is from the BIBLE. We use Scripture.  Why do you need to question it?"   

   Unfortunately, too many people feel guilty for questioning such apparent honesty.  After all, there ARE scripture verses in the magazine.  On the other hand,  a good Bible teacher would commend the diligent search of theological issues.  I  hope my own searches uncover questions that will cause the ladies I've been talking to, to examine what they've been taking at face value.  Even as I don't wish to 'offend' these ladies, who've been great to talk to, the whole purpose of talking to them has been to share the REAL Jesus with them.  

    Thankfully, I got an opportunity pretty quickly;  though I didn't overtly state it at the meeting but waited and asked about 'The Divine Name'  (Jehovah) in an email;  comparing Psalm 83:18 to John 3:18 and Acts 4:12.

  At the end of the day, all I can do is plant seeds.  If I ask such questions that cause too much discomfort the ladies don't want to return, I can only pray that such questions, asked in a spirit of compassion and fellowship of women around coffee, will find receptive soil.  The EGO has no place here. And dealing with the doctrines of the Watchtower lose their egos to the bizarre circular  'logic'.  This is why CHRISTIANS (believers in Christ~John 20:28) need to put the entire matter in GOD'S hands and allow ourselves to be used to HIS glory.

   An argument won may exalt our pride, but it won't do anything for the Watchtower disciple, who might be looking for a way out, only to decide that the Elders were right about 'Christendom'.  

    Knowledge puffs up. Love edifies. (1 Cor 8:1)

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